3 Top Modern Tools that make Web Development Easier

When it comes to website technology, the saying” change is the only constant” is a perfect fit. It has been and should continue evolving to cope with the fast-paced nature of the web.  Our website design philosophy should center on creating a visually attractive “look and feel” meeting your online objectives.

To capitalize on an […]

IoT: The Next-gen Mobile App Development

IoT is considered to be the revolutionary buzzword in the information technology sphere which is profoundly affecting the mobile app industry.The term IoT, Internet of Things, signifies various devices interconnected to the internet to make operations easier.

Massive availability of data and affordable hardware is paving ways for IoT to help make our daily lives […]

React Native or Ionic: which is better of the two?

In this era of Technology, we have unfolded a world of new utilities and application for our convenience. The mobile app development industry is growing at an exceptional pace. In the coming years, the expansion of smartphones is foreseen to be between 9.17% – 9.36%.

Cross-platform technologies have outgrown Native apps.  Native apps often tempt […]

Points to keep in mind before finalizing your App developer

It comes without denial that the app industry is indeed enticing. Everyone is in love with the way mobile apps ease down his or her workload. A mobile app solves a huge number of business issues and has now become a much-needed aspect of business growth.

Only after undergoing a lengthy process of sensitive development, […]

Invoke a Lambda from another Lambda

In the past series of articles on AWS Lambda, you have seen the following :

How to set up Lambda on Amazon using Python
How to use your Lambda function to call your External API
How to call your Lambda function from a PHP application launched on an EC2 instance.


In this article, you will see how a […]

Third-party app Permission: a possible breach threat?

Mobile devices typically need to support numerous security objectives like integrity, confidentiality, and availability. These are typically accomplished through a combination of security measures engineered into the mobile devices. Additional security controls are applied to various mobile devices and other elements of the enterprise IT infrastructure as well.

Usage of third-party applications on your Smartphone […]

Save data in an AWS RDS Database using AWS Lambda

If you want a small service that accesses database and performs certain operations such as returning data, you can use an AWS Lambda since it will cost you only when it is invoked.T his way, you will be paying less than an ec2 instance.


In this tutorial, you will see how you can use an […]

FilmMaker: An Enhanced Version of Invoicing Application


In the last article- Steps to set up a Simple Invoicing Application in FileMaker, you have seen how you can create a simple invoicing application in Filemaker.


Our Filemaker team has enhanced the invoicing application after the publishing of this blog.

Therefore, in this article, you will get a clear overview of some of the enhancements […]

Use your Lambda Function to call an External API

In the last article, you have seen how an AWS Lambda function can be created. In this article, you will see how a Lambda function can be used to call an external API. You will also see how to run a Lambda function at a specific time using Cloudwatch event trigger and cron expressions.

We […]

Top reasons why a custom-app is a trending idea:

In today’s fast-paced world, Everyone wants to make it BIg. One out of every five people we meet are people aspiring to become successful businessmen. Making it big in a business is indeed a tiring task. An innovative idea and the right technology that makes you achieve these ideas without sparing a single […]


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