This is an online platform for students.It has both course materials as well as work as a collaboration tool. Various types of content can be like text ,audio and video can be added by the teachers.

Options for creating free and paid courses are available.Students can enroll and view the course materials and take objective tests.

Features like time bound , multiple choice quizzes are present for teachers to evaluate their students.Basic collaboration tools like chat,message boards and forums are provided.

Some of the salient features of the eLearning platform in Lumen and AngularJS :
  • Paid / Free Course Creations
  • Online payments
  • Various Types of Course Materials (Text,Audio,Video)
  • Time bound Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Collaboration by Students
  • Online Forums
  • Chats

It is developed on the latest technologies like Lumen and AngularJS. It provides you with the very best user experience at your fingertips.