This application is an Online Education Marketplace for competitive exams. This application is built on CakephpHTML5 and jQuery. It will allow the registered students to take different packages for online coaching, video tutorials, online assignment practicing, doubt clearing, test and national test etc. This is an Online Education Marketplace for different other service providers who can create their own packages/batches and can maintain their own set of teachers. Licensee can create their own brand here. Creation of new course and its entire hierarchy is also another compelling feature of this platform.

This application is based on Cakephp and jQuery. It is developed in most modular way so that depending on the package a registered student selects, a module can be turned on and off. This application has a very powerful administrator control where a custom CMS is built in. Through the custom CMS dynamic content can be added. Admin can control the features provided for different users and has the visibility of the entire application user and content.

Some features in in this application are adaptive to student responses. For example the level of the question will be more tough if students can answer easier question and also easier questions will be offered to the students who are seen consistently not performing well. Such adaptation is based on a game like intelligence built in the system.

Key Features of Online Education Marketplace :
  • Licensee model to let other educational service provider crate their own batches and teachers
  • Separate branding for licensee, customized logo and landing page
  • Completle dyanamic structure of course hierarchy
  • Extensive support of question types (single choice, multiple choice, comprehensive, descriptive, match the following, fill in the blacks, image tagging)