Online book publishing website – Online Bookfair – Bookfair Kolkata

Bookfair Kolkata is an application owned and developed by AQB Solutions Pvt Ltd. This is an online book publishing and reading website where publishers can register and showcase sample pages of their books. The website has a virtual bookfair ground where separate stalls are created for each publisher. Viewers will virtually roam around the fairground, visit the stalls and read books by flipping pages. Registered users can put a rating for the book and also comment on the book. If they are interested to buy the book, they can contact the publisher.
This site has a backend tool which can either show the pdf books in flipping manner and also there is a custom CMS which can turn the content into a flipping book.

Key Features of Online book publishing website – Bookfair Kolkata

  • Fairground view to view all the bookstall stalls like a virtual fair
  • Rating and Review for all the publisher and books
  • Backend CRUD features for the publishers, books and stalls
  • Social Media Sharing and integration

Technical Specifications of Online book publishing website – Bookfair Kolkata

  • HTML5 based canvas to show the stalls in a dynamic manner
  • CakePHP framework
  • Turn.js integration on the book reading page