FileMaker Revenue Assessment App


Revenue and Sales Assessment application developed in FileMaker. This Application works with the sales data and generates various reports based on built in Analytics.
The reports can be generated from multiple data points and pivots. We have used FileMaker built in graphs to show the Sales and Revenue data and comparisons.
Key features of FileMaker Revenue […]

Event Management Application in Filemaker


This application helps to manage the complex workflow of an Event Management Agency. It has been developed on Filemaker PRO 14 platform. It has a beautiful and highly customizable invoicing system. The customizable nature of the invoicing system provide enormous options while generating invoice so that numerous different scenarios of event management can be […]

Movie Casting Management Software in Filemaker

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Movie Casting Management Software application is designed to enhance the performance and productivity of casting companies. It has been developed on Filemaker PRO 14 platform specifically for Mac systems. We have extensively used AppleScript. This Filemaker application for Movie Casting Management is completely access controlled. The design and the screen layout of the application […]

Medical Record Keeping Software – Filemaker


Medicare Local (Northern Territory) is a medical record keeping software built in Filemaker. This can keep track of the new clients added, their appointment schedules and the billing details. It also has capability to generate month-wise report for different categories. Also a dashboard is present to provide users easy transitions. Aesthetic UI and easy […]

Filemaker Web Publishing – Material Management

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This project is on Filemaker Web Publishing for a Material Management system for automobile unit. This application keeps tracks of the Fork Trucks details and Other equipments. This system keeps track of the battery, charger and the repair data of those. Each repair data is linked with its particular invoice. Also it has a […]

Employee Evaluation System on Filemaker PRO

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This application is an Employee Evaluation system based on various training provided to an employee.It provides a report based on specific sets of evaluation criteria’s.
Employees are assigned based on their networks and stores. Each store has their own evaluation form. An employee has to complete the evaluation within a specified time period.
Key features […]

In Store Review

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In Store Review is an application which has been developed to get the feedback on the performance of a store and it’s employees. It has a dynamic set of questions which can be modified using Filemaker Pro version 13.

A set of reports has been developed on the Filemaker side by which we can drill […]


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