How is AWS helping SMBs?

SMBs in India have largely benefited from AWS (Amazon Web Service) adoption, because of platform configuration options, monitoring and policy features, security, and reliability. Apart from a market-leading partner ecosystem and general product strategy, the AWS marketplace also has a large number of third-party software services. The concern of most small and medium businesses over security and data sovereignty has largely been addressed by AWS. In this post, we will discuss at large how AWS is transforming business for SMBs.

In fact, SMBs in India, in particular, have shown eagerness towards cloud adoption, especially the public cloud.  India has over 50 million SMBs contributing over 30% to India’s GDP and employs over 117 million people. Most SMBs are confronted with challenges like limited access to resources and technology, which impedes their productivity and profitability, to a great extent.

Cloud computing through AWS is helping SMBs in more ways than one.

Cost Savings

Apart from outsourcing environment maintenance to a cloud managed services provider for higher productivity and better management, AWS saves more for SMBs. Its pay-as-you-go model is the best payment model for SMBs who have to pay only for what they need.

Unlike other cloud managed services, you do not have to set aside a hefty amount every month as a recurring cost for maintenance. No mandatory monthly service plans, only pay for what you have used.

Specialized Expertise

When you hire a cloud managed services provider, like AWS, you are actually hiring a team of experts. You might be an SMB with a small IT department, spending a lot of time researching new tools and implementing them. AWS helps SMBs like you save time, effort, and potential business disruption.

Free Up Internal Staff

Most SMBs employ internal IT staff, to work on mundane, repetitive tasks. This means a gross wastage of resources and money. Not anymore. AWS ensures systematic maintenance and updates, thereby saving time and engage your IT staff for better work, for example, on ROI-related projects that need more focus.

Better Monitoring, Alerts, and Incident Management

AWS not only ensures seamless network maintenance and optimization, but also assures monitoring, alerting, and incident management services as part of their packages. This takes away worries about any downtime.


One of the best reasons why AWS adoption among SMBs is on the rise is because of its flexible model. With flexible plans that focus on what you want to achieve, Amazon Web Services gives them a tailor-made strategy to fit their business needs. Every business is different and choosing a cloud managed services provider that can help you as your business grows is crucial to success.

Most SMBs are already familiar with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), one of the most popular platforms offered by Amazon. Its building block structure enables you to select the features you need and, and pay only for the blocks you use. SMBs can choose from 65,000 combinations, depending upon their business needs. Accordingly, they can decide on the subscription level, which ranges from free to pay-as-you-go.

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