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Consumer behavior is constantly changing. The more technological developments happen, the more ways customers get to interact with retailers. Customers are always right, they don’t just want to buy a product, they want to experience it. So, what is customer experience & how do we manage it? So, What is customer experience management? Customer Experience […]

The React Native framework actually started its journey as part of a hackathon effort in 2013. It was built to respond to the fast changing needs of the developer community. Developers wanted a mobile alternative that would be a classic combination of the advantages of mobile app development with the power and agility of the native React environment. The answer was ReactNative, a framework created by Facebook, and supported and continuously pushed forward by the development community.

Choosing the right technology stack is the most important thing for the developers and customers. The customers want to make sure that their end-product is just what they had planned in the beginning. On the other hand, the technology stack influences directly how the application works. In this article, we would discuss why you should choose React Native for your web and mobile applications in 2019 to stay current.

Bitten by the Entrepreneurship bug , three friends working in different Multinational Enterprises across the globe, started their own venture to concentrate on high quality product conceptualization, development services and novel technology innovations. And the journey begun.. The company, AQB Solutions Pvt Ltd., which started with a small technical team of five has grown into […]

Over 2.1 Billion people worldwide own a Smartphone and according to the TouchPoints report, adults aged 25 plus use their phone about 264 times a day, for reading texts and calling. Today, we have mobile apps for all kinds of products, from automobile to finance, and from food to health care, and e-commerce. The Statista […]

In business presentations or data analytics report, representation is very important. Having fancy tools or add-ons is of no use, unless it gives you the right output. Data representation is better when you present it with the right tools. Graphite and Cassandra are two of the best tools for representing data and analytics. Let us […]

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? Robotic process automation (RPA) may be explained as using software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume; manual tasks. Most of these tasks require the worker to raise queries, perform calculations and take care of maintenance activities. RPA technology, often referred to as a software […]

What is DevOps? DevOps may be defined as a cross-functional approach to the process. The DevOps model is a combination of two distinct part of the software development process – development and operations (AKA infrastructure management). DevOps may be defined as a cross-functional approach to the process. The DevOps model is a combination of two […]