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We are targeting the big retail shopping stores to adopt this application for improving their customers shopping experience with lightning fast payment option after completing shopping in stores.

Key Challenges

Long queues near billing kiosks in rush hours.


Shopping quantity reduced


Customer dissatisfaction increased.

The Impact

Finding alternate solution of billing kiosk will improve the shopping experience ofthe customers.


Once users are able to pay through mobile applications number of billing kiosks can be reduced which will lead cost optimization of the business.


Customers can concentrate on more shopping instead of thinking about long queues near billing kiosks. It will directly impact the business by improving sales figures.


Application based payment methods will also help to improve customer satisfaction which can help the business to improve the brand value.

The Brief

In current era big retail shopping is a part of human lifestyle. People enjoy the retail shopping as they can choose the item from huge number of options and they can get all their necessities under one roof. However the joy of shopping is often marred when they find out long queues near billing kiosks after spending hours on shopping. Long queues are impacting customer shopping experience as we all businesses brand value.A survey conducted by Adyen in the year 2018 showed that long queues cost retailers €16.3 billion in potential sales over a period of 12 months


Our Solution

To improve the shopping experience of the customers by reducing billing time we have come up with an Idea to build a mobile application which will capture the image of the Customer’s shopping cart and generate the bill instantly . This will create huge impact on customers shopping experience as user can carry out shopping without worrying about queues at billing kiosk and simultaneously this can improve the sales figures of the business.The app will be able to scan the barcodes in the products to make a Checkout from app.

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