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Digital signage is now a familiar sight in the new marketing strategies. From displaying menus at a restaurant to offering directions to a shop, digital signage feeds audiences with information that is more engaging. But how big this animal can become? Can smart signage take on a role to a user-specific personalized message and act […]

What is Effective Communication? An Effective Communication is a communication that is successfully delivered, received & understood by two persons or more than two persons. A communication is effective when all parties listen carefully to the messages, & understands the circumstances so that proper & effective action to be taken for the  challenges that the […]

Technology is outpacing humans. Once in a while, we hear news like data breaches from stock market to tech company. Data privacy and security are vulnerable to threat in nearly all industries. Healthcare organization isn’t shealed from this either. The valuation of the healthcare industry is worth millions, and hackers all over the world are […]