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A leading Tea Company having operations in several cities had the requirement to build a custom eCommerce application for Online Tea Retailing. The requirement was a bit different than the usual eCommerce frameworks like Magento, Opencart or WooCommerce. In this eCommerce Application for Tea Business, the product SKUs are not always very well defined and a combination of multiple BOM.

Our approach to their requirement was to meet all the requirement maintaining the exact workflow which was requested by client. We worked with the design first. Our in-house design team has fully conceptualized and created the entire design and the animation of the application without using any ready-made theme.

Once the design was approved and appreciated by client we implemented the business logic in Laravel Framework. The reason behind choosing Laravel is that we could build the basic CRUD Operations of this eCommerce Application for Tea very fast and in a very robust and scalable way. Once the CRUD structure is done, we could build the workflow in the way it should be as Laravel is extremely customizable framework and meant to handle the complex workflows through its built in MVC.

We made use of another beautiful feature of Laravel, its built in REST API support. While developing the application we had to take care the provision for creating the Mobile APIs from the same business logic without the need to re-write the application. The business logic of the application is written such a way that it can be easily converted to REST APIs so that the same logic and workflow can be used by the Mobile App clients.

However, the current design of the application is completely mobile responsive and the design can be viewed from Mobile without any difficulty.

Key features of eCommerce Application for Tea Business :
  • Innovative and Intuitive UI/UX exclusively for Tea Industry
  • Robust and Scalable Architecture
  • REST API support
  • Business Logic exclusive for Tea Industry