This is a Performing Art Showcasing and Aggregator Application. It discusses about the latest art events in city. In this website we have integrated Facebook and Twitter API. We have implemented a feature which auto posts to the Facebook page of the company and to the Twitter account of the same. It also has the option to select if the post should show the image while posting to the social media or not. Once a blog is posted in the site, then automatically it is posted to Facebook and Twitter. There is another feature developed which fetches the Facebook and Twitter comments for every social media automated post and shows inside the application. Each post detail page contains two separate tabs to show the Facebook and Twitter comments.

Another salient feature of this website is fetching the Art posts and discussion links from different other websites through RSS feeds. It aggregates the feeds from different other sources and displays the content chronologically.

Key features of Performing Art Showcasing and Aggregator Application :
  • Facebook and Twitter automatic Posting.
  • Fetching all comments for Facebook and Twitter post
  • Fetching post and discussion entries from other sites through RSS