The main feature of this SOS app is to connect people who need emergency help to the people who can provide such help. We have developed this emergency app for both Android and iPhone. As this is an Emergency services app, our target was to make this as user friendly as possible.

We first concentrated on the GUI. The idea was to make it the simplest possible. User will use this app in emergency condition, and an app for emergency help needs to be the app with the most simple GUI. We have used only two contrasting color and the transition as smooth as possible.

The feature of this SOS apps are also very to-the-point and simplistic. We have used advanced javascript such as AngularJS to make it very sleek. This app has push notifications.

This app is supported by a admin backend and used REST API to connect to database and business layer. The service layer and the admin backend is developed in Cakephp.

Key features of SOS App: Emergency help app in Android and iPhone :
  • Use of Faster Javascript – AngularJS
  • Simplistic GUI
  • Push Notification
  • REST API and Admin backend in Cakephp