3 Top Modern Tools that make Web Development Easier

When it comes to website technology, the saying” change is the only constant” is a perfect fit. It has been and should continue evolving to cope with the fast-paced nature of the web.  Our website design philosophy should center on creating a visually attractive “look and feel” meeting your online objectives.

To capitalize on an opportunity in the modern global marketplace, one has to develop an optimized, functional, interactive website that captivates real, live, human readers.  We have new platforms for HTML, JS, and CSS launched on a per day basis. HTML5 has reached critical mass in the past 12 months; responsive development continues to barrel along at full swing. This constant evolution could confuse developers find their stable platform.This troublesome constant change seems to have a positive impact, as we end up having a sizable host of small tools and libraries, each one dedicated to solving a particular problem or for preserving any definite set of possibilities.

Today, creating web pages is not confined to hardcore coders; there are numerous tools available in the market for simplifying this process. Some of these even have visual interfacing, i.e., they allow you to drag-drop texts, images, and even links as if you were making a poster or a presentation file. While other tools available enable advanced editing of texts, allow programmers to build website line-by-line and so on.

Here is a list of a 3 modern web development tools which could help you speed up and refine your development practices:

1.Google Web Designer:

It is defined as a standalone application to help you create great online advertisements. One could easily mistake it to be a simple graphics editing app, but soon you would realize most of its features gear towards ad generation. It even generates code for individual ads that you create; you can edit or export, or even publish your ads to your Google Drive.
GWD is compatible with all major Operating Systems (OS). Create interactive HTML5 ads for use on any platform. Using the free templates, you can kick-start your ad designing including for AdWords. It even allows you to preview your ads in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. GWD is indeed a fantastic option if you’re into online advertising and you have a budget constraint against spending on premium editing suites.

2.Cake PHP:

It is a rapid development framework which is designed to simplify the web application development process.  It reduces the number of codes required and thereby boosts the process speed. It makes use of commonly known design patterns like Association Data Mapping, Active Record, Front Controller, and MVC. It is a collection of code that makes it easier to write with PHP web applications. Rapid prototyping is one of the major highlights of CakePHP.  If a particular app conforms to Cake’s conventions, using a particular app called ‘bake’, one can automatically generate either a complete app or just parts of it.CakePHP comes with various built-in tools dedicated to CSRF protection, input validation, Form tampering protection, and much more.  These thereby helps keep the application safe & secure.

3.HTML5 Boilerplate:

HTML boilerplate is a set of downloadable files which provides you with a foundation for any website you wish to develop. These are free for one to use. Boilerplate is known for speeding up your task and also to ensure that your site lays on a sound foundation.  HTML5 Boilerplate is one of most popular front-end template. It is both simple and sleek. This open-source boilerplate provides you with documentation and licensing in various formats, namely, JavaScript, Markdown format, some CSS and HTML files and so on.

HTML 5 is known for creating accessible sites. You wouldn’t require any third-party audio/video players, to play your media as compared to other codes; these are much simple, elegant and easy to read. HTML5 Boilerplate is indeed an excellent tool for new projects, and when used with UI based frameworks it tends to become even more powerful. Undoubtedly, It’s a must-have for developers.
To summarize, we can say that using these above apps and technologies; it is effortless for a developer to get a fully functional high-end modern website up and to run. With time, these methods and technologies are bound to save hundreds of hours for both the developers and the clients.

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