Why aQb?

Our approach is to combine our understanding of public behavior with a commitment to meet the business goals of our clients. With a team of experts certified by AWS, our team members, solution architect, developers are strongly exposed to AWS Platform. With countless hours of work on several challenging projects, our team has achieved excellence and expertise in developing apps using serverless architecture on AWS.

As a major AWS solutions provider
we’ve always done things differently

With a massive outcome-driven AWS consulting and management services, our goal is to focus at the bottom of the challenges where it all begins.

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Tools of Intelligence

Business transformation leveraging value from the public is a journey

Tackle the hardest parts of smart city challenges, across the whole transformation lifecycle.

Smart Signage

Smart Signage is a secure cloud based digital signage application from aQb. Powered by AWS it helps you design multimedia content to publish on any screen anywhere at the touch of a button. Smart Signage has been actively used in retail, healthcare, government sector, food chains, hospitality, corporate etc

  • Run personalized campaigns of Government schemes
  • Government to People services
  • Revenue Generation
  • Analytics & Reports
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Chatbot is an interactive medium to interact with individuals. With AWS Chatbot you can receive alerts and communicate valuable information so that your team can collaborate and respond to events faster.

  • Reduction of Human Error
  • FAQ and support
  • Government services information distribution
  • Two-way communication
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