Enterprise Mobility: Trending in 2019

Technology has transformed the way we work, interact, and spend time thanks to the advent of gadgets like mobiles and laptops. Today, Irrespective of the business industry, Mobility is ruling the market at a skyrocketing rate. It is being used by companies to experience a significant boost in growth management and employees engagement processes.

Already, 2018 has seen AI and IoT providing the world with immense comfort and experiences. But this year predicts to shoot up the reign to a much-extended level.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is said to affect cross-platform mobile app development the most. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the talks of the hour in the technology industry; they are meant to become the backbone of all technological upgrades 2019 is yet to witness. The primary advantage of using AI in 2019 is visual gesture recognition and an increased level of security during data transmission across all the mobile devices owing to advanced user interfaces with speech.

Bring-your-own-device [BYOD] Culture:

Yes, with enterprise mobility taking over the workforce system of businesses, organisations have started encouraging employees working on their devices. BYOD culture help organisations cut down on the cost involved in setting up the office space as the purchase of various gadgets and their maintenance gets omitted. A significant drawback with such a culture is that official data are vulnerable to be breached.  Installing mobile enterprise applications for employees to work on can measure the risk of security break to a great extent.

Cross-platform applications:


With BYOD culture making a mark in the business world, the development of cross-platform apps compatible with both Android as well as iOS is going to rise as employees can be using Android or iOS as per their convenience. Companies need to bear with the cost of maintaining and commencing smooth working of these applications. To make things convenient,  Google has started pushing the development of cross-platform applications with Flutter SDK.

Migration to cloud computing:


Cloud computing, which was a thing of choice at one time is going to be a matter of preference. Instead, it is a necessity for businesses today, and this implies to the mobility solutions too. With the unmatched readiness of cloud services, companies can now access information any time and from anywhere without having to bear the vast expense. Enterprise mobility is a platform developed to provide users with constant access to data and also, to allow seamless interaction.  To achieve such steady connectivity, it becomes imperative that users need to shift to cloud computing,  Data security is one of the significant concerns business organisations face when migrating to the cloud which with time has been addressed considerably by the coming of the concept of hybrid cloud.

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