Time To Upgrade: Old LED Ad Display To Smart Signage

Digital signage is now a familiar sight in the new marketing strategies.

From displaying menus at a restaurant to offering directions to a shop, digital signage feeds audiences with information that is more engaging.

But how big this animal can become? Can smart signage take on a role to a user-specific personalized message and act in real-time? Yeah for sure with help from artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning this is achievable.

AI-backed by Deep learning

With deep learning, AI-driven platforms evaluate large sets of data to evolve continuously over generations and take better actionable real-time decisions with time. AI is all about automation which helps you in effective decision making for your business.

Every customer wants to have a unique personalized experience which makes them feel they are important. Digital signage powered by AI and deep learning actually recognizes customers to take specific actions to turn cold prospects into clients.

Key Areas

1. Personalized Ads

Deep learning by an AI platform enables targeting down individuals easily.

For example in a restaurant, it can educate your customers with the unique digital menu. Update menus and offers with a single click at any time from anywhere. Say for instance, for a local store wouldn’t it be great if digital signage could greet every existing customer with their names? The digital signage could recognize the customer, say hello, display useful information like what’s on sale depending upon the customer’s buying behavior.

Think in another way, If a female shopper visits a clothing outlet, digital signage could detect that the shopper is in her  20s. The system takes this information then reviews what items are in stock or on sale for that particular age and gender.

It’s also even possible to communicate with the shopper in real-time after it detects what the client’s eyes are focused on, identifying hot spots of attention.

2. Social feed, Promotions, offers, and discounts.

Use your Smartboards to display social media content and run hashtag campaigns to engage more customers and thereby increase loyalty.

Schedule promotional campaigns and increase their effectiveness by highlighting various offers and discounts at the right hour of the day.

3. Weather-based changes

Automatically change the displayed items based on the weather outside.

For example, In case of cold weather, the menu item will automatically change to hot beverages. With the power of deep learning, consumer behaviors are continuously recorded and adopted simultaneously.

Like after sunny days there may be a rise in the sales of sunglasses. But it doesn’t follow the same trajectory all the time. Deep learning adds constraints to this rule by capturing and integrating data that addresses the situation.

It may be a rainy day and the system acquire the data online or directly get it via sensors installed outside the shop. This learning allows for the signage to rule out the sunglasses promo, switching it to items shoppers were currently looking at like umbrellas.

4. Sync with the inventory management system

This smart displays can be linked with your inventory management system to  provide useful information to the shop owner and customers on the following :

  • Showing the list of products that have a high trend. ( Selling more)
  • Giving Customers direction about the exact position of the item on the rack.
  • Stock replenishment countdown for products in demand.


Where aQb stand?

We here at aQb with a decade of expertise in AI/ML have successfully developed the core architecture for this farfetched technology.

Video analytics data and Facial Analysis

Video analytics data is gathered using face analysis technology. The technology maintains the anonymity of the user data.

Facial analysis – Pattern matching through a camera initiated process to identify gender, age with specific facial features.

How we accomplish it for you.


  • Get detailed information about the number of visitors/clients who passes by your signage and have data on who is focusing on your content at what time of the day and for how long.
  • Provide demographic and behavioral information that helps you in establishing more deep relationships with your clients.
  • Analyzing this data will allow more accurate inference on the impact of the messages.

How it helps you

  • Find a perfect spot for your signage for maximum attention.
  • Processes optimization at sustainable costs.
  • Your internal systems are integrated with the network.
  • Distribute useful and engaging information backed by an attractive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Improves the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and thus increasing your return on investment.
  • Gain customer satisfaction and loyalty with offers and innovative services.
  • The data about your customers’ habits, tastes, preferences, age, gender, time-spent and a general understanding of your message helps you segment customers and plan accordingly.

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