Need more customer? Give them awe-inspiring experience.

Consumer behavior is constantly changing. The more technological developments happen, the more ways customers get to interact with retailers. Customers are always right, they don’t just want to buy a product, they want to experience it. So, what is customer experience & how do we manage it?

So, What is customer experience management?

Customer Experience Management (CEM/CX) is the management of customer interactions to drive brand loyalty and increase revenue through each touchpoint, it may be physical or digital, to deliver personalized experiences. In simple words it’s like, you walk into a bar, you’ve ordered
your favourite drink, you sit down to relax, the surroundings look pleasant, slow music is playing, the lights are dimmed and looks delightful. That’s a WoW Customer Experience that you remember than the drink in particular and gradually get loyal.

In recent years, tech companies from all over the world are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help other companies manage customer data and predict a future interaction which helps to understand more of the customer behavior. One such cutting edge product is Smart signage that’s shooting for the moon. We’ll talk about that in a minute.

Why is customer experience management important?

The question is why some companies have more loyal customers than other? Some companies even have fans. So, why is it? It’s because they sell experience. Just think of it, when Apple announces a new iphone, why do people run to the store & get in the line the first thing in the morning? Why can’t other brands do it? Simple. It’s customer experience. It’s crucial to win the war in business. If your brand doesn’t provide the experience they want, no matter how sharp your sword is, you’re gonna lose the war.

So, What do you have to do?

So many things can give the customer the experience that they crave for, how do you know where to start? Here are a few steps you can follow.

  • Serve first, Sell Second:

Be a good Samaritan. Give your Customers in-store messages that is specific and personal based on their Age, Gender powered AQB’s great Digital SMART Signage and suggest them stuff that would help them in their decision making.

  • Make it personal:

Collect data and analyse those. When the same customer visits next time, show them personalized campaigns through AQB’s intelligent SMART Signage engine based on their past behaviors and influence their present and future behavior to make them loyal and increase your per customer spend.

  • Invest in excellent experiences:

Now let’s talk about that movie Inception. Everybody liked it. It’s like planting an idea in your mind & your job is done. The movie keeps on playing in real life & you don’t even know it. When we walk into a store, bar or even in hospital we see printed signages, why? Well, they’re planting an idea & you’re not aware of it. A week later your wife asks for health insurance and she doesn’t know where she got the idea from. It’s the trip from the last visit to the hospital. Now, what if that printed signage becomes digital? If it’s a video, it’s planting more emotions into the minds. What
if we make the signage smart? Now it detects age, gender. So next time you walk into the retail store, you see that shirt you’ve been waiting for, shown in an LED display. You’re in a bar & a new drink is something you want from now on. You’re at the nearest hospital andyou now see on an LED screen what the government is doing to keep us safe Smart signage is something that can change the way we do marketing. Printed signage will be put in history books.

Similarly if brands can’t provide the experience to their customer, it’ll not even stay onthe race track. Ty AQB’s AI powered Signage software to give great in-store experienceand for top of the mind recall for reference and influence behavious.

The bottom line: Time is changing and so are customers. The world is evolving faster than ever before. It’s time for brands to evolve. There have been times when some companies dominated industries. Unfortunately they fail to adopt changes and now they’re crushed. A business has to stay ahead of the competition, adopt newest technologies etc.

The question is what are you going to do to provide the highest level of customer experience?

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