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DevOps, using the youth lingo, is actually a ship name for “Development” and “Operations”. It mainly focuses on rapid and efficient delivery through automation and agile procedures in an organized and methodical manner. To give an outline of the concept in simpler terms, DevOps is basically a method in which organizations cooperate using cross-functional teams. […]

Digital signage is now a familiar sight in the new marketing strategies. From displaying menus at a restaurant to offering directions to a shop, digital signage feeds audiences with information that is more engaging. But how big this animal can become? Can smart signage take on a role to a user-specific personalized message and act […]

What is Effective Communication? An Effective Communication is a communication that is successfully delivered, received & understood by two persons or more than two persons. A communication is effective when all parties listen carefully to the messages, & understands the circumstances so that proper & effective action to be taken for the  challenges that the […]

Technology is outpacing humans. Once in a while, we hear news like data breaches from stock market to tech company. Data privacy and security are vulnerable to threat in nearly all industries. Healthcare organization isn’t shealed from this either. The valuation of the healthcare industry is worth millions, and hackers all over the world are […]

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is making its way into the retail industry. CPG and Retail companies have now a huge opportunity to grow. However, many leaders have been struggling while others are thrilled about AI. Less knowledge leads to fewer customers. It’s all about giving the customer a great experience. Retail owners have to […]

The React Native framework actually started its journey as part of a hackathon effort in 2013. It was built to respond to the fast changing needs of the developer community. Developers wanted a mobile alternative that would be a classic combination of the advantages of mobile app development with the power and agility of the native React environment. The answer was ReactNative, a framework created by Facebook, and supported and continuously pushed forward by the development community.

Choosing the right technology stack is the most important thing for the developers and customers. The customers want to make sure that their end-product is just what they had planned in the beginning. On the other hand, the technology stack influences directly how the application works. In this article, we would discuss why you should choose React Native for your web and mobile applications in 2019 to stay current.

Bitten by the Entrepreneurship bug , three friends working in different Multinational Enterprises across the globe, started their own venture to concentrate on high quality product conceptualization, development services and novel technology innovations. And the journey begun.. The company, AQB Solutions Pvt Ltd., which started with a small technical team of five has grown into […]