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Cloud computing recently has become one of the most essential strategies for the enterprises to reduce operational cost and adding multiple benefits over the legacy on-premise infrastructure. But switching over to cloud is not a straightforward task and it needs proper assessment of the existing system and its readiness to migrate, right strategy to formulate and a full-proof extensive roadmap towards Cloud enblement and operations.

Our consultants and engineers provide cloud consulting services as a team to assess the readiness and then formulate the best suited strategy to lead the cloud enablement activity with the help of right platform and tools.


AQB Solution’s cloud strategy and consulting services help enterprises to adopt successful strategy and implementation roadmap while mitigating risk. Our offerings are as below:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

    We assess the cloud readiness by identifying business and IT drivers like the workload of the existing system, Timelines & Prioritization, the Development and Delivery models which are being practiced etc.

  • Cloud Enablement

    While enabling cloud to an organization, we try to rightly identify the business and IT resources which are most suited to be migrated to cloud.

  • Cloud Migration

    We provide our expertise to migrate from a low resulting cloud implementation to more cost effective and performance enriched solution.

  • Cloud Management & Optimization

    We continue to provide support to maximize the benefit of cloud, helping to manage the cloud infrastructure and operations.

Risk Mitigation

Our approach to formulate the Cloud strategy and enablement plans always consider factors which are essentials to mitigate the risks.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Step by step movement towards cloud implementation with a smart proportion of on-premise legacy systems and cloud services working together.

  • Measurement of end values

    Use cases with measurable results to demonstrate the end goal with numbers.

  • Cost Control

    Minimizing the migration cost by choosing the right tool and right benchmarking process.

  • Collaborative approach to reduce unpredictability

    Using the right tools to involve everyone in the process to get the feedback in every stage to reduce the unpredictability at the end.

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