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Cloud consulting or cloud computing applications are a great way to cut down infrastructural costs and add multiple layers of benefit to the architecture of the existing business operational framework.

Having said that, transformation into cloud services is not as easy as it may sound because it requires technological expertise and consulting finesse. A proper asset assessment to measure the existing system and its readiness to migrate is required, apart from a right strategy to formulate a full-proof extensive roadmap towards Cloud enablement and operations.

Technology Behind Cloud Computing Application

AQB Solution’s cloud strategy and consulting services help enterprises to adopt successful strategy and implementation roadmap while mitigating risk. Our solution offerings include:

Cloud Readiness Assessment: We assess the readiness of the cloud architecture by building steps to identify business and IT drivers such as the workload of the existing system, timelines and prioritization, the development and delivery models which are being implemented.

Cloud Enablement: While enabling cloud computing application services to an organization, we try to rightly identify the business and IT resources, which are most suited to be migrated to cloud.

Cloud Migration: We provide our expertise to migrate from a high-cost low-output cloud implementation to a more cost effective and performance enriched solution.

Cloud Management and Optimization: We continue to provide support to maximize the benefits of cloud, helping to manage the cloud infrastructure and operations.

Risk Mitigation: Our approach to formulate the Cloud strategy and enablement plans always considers factors, which are essentials to mitigate the risks.

Hybrid Cloud: Step-by-step movement towards cloud implementation with a smart proportion of on-premise legacy systems and cloud services working together.

Measurement of end values: Use cases with measurable results to demonstrate the end goal with numbers.

Cost Control: Minimizing the migration cost by choosing the right tool and right benchmarking process.

Collaborative approach to reduce unpredictability: Using the right tools to involve everyone in the process to get the feedback at every stage to reduce the unpredictability at the end.

Case Study

An US based IoT remote healthcare


Potential Parameters


Reduction in Cost.


Using AWS solutions, aQb has developed an app for InstaMD for patients to be in touch with doctors 24/7.

A commercial Real Estate
analysis software company based in US.


Average sessions decreased from 5 days to



A different tool such as Discounted Cash Flow report, Loan amount,value of property was developed using AWS for quick & easy analysis.

Predictive Analysis Application for a Litigation Company

Premonition LLC is a Legal Analytics firm, which specializes in providing insights on lawyer selection. The insights are based on a largest collection of court data over several countries such as the US, UK, Australia and others. The company approached aQb Solutions for software implementation guidance to ensure speedy and accurate outcomes at court. The cloud development application services we provided used the machine learning techniques to predict legal motion outcomes accurately. The gamut of technologies we used for the purpose included:

1. RDS
2. EC2
3. DynamoDB
4. S3
5. Elastic Load Balancing
6. Speech Recognition and Segmentation (Transcribe)

IoT Remote Healthcare Company

Using AWS solutions, aQb has developed an app for InstaMD for patients to be in touch with their consulting doctors 24/7.

Strategic Cloud Deployment Model for Real Estate

We developed a software console issuing Discounted Cash Flow report, Loan amount, value of property using AWS technology for quick and easy analysis of data. This helped stakeholders in taking informed and profitable decisions.

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