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Big Data and Data Analytics are being widely adopted in various industries such as real estate, manufacturing, retail, supply chain and more. Our team of experts have extensive experience in diversified industries and are equipped to design solutions as per their ecology and business requirements.

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What Our Data Analytics Services Can Do?

We understand how important it is for you to take the right decision to achieve a milestone. We make that possible with some of our best big data analytics services that unlock business value of the future. These solutions not just overcome the present-day challenges, but prepare you to face unique challenges of the future. Our unique capabilities include:

Financial Analytics

Financial planning should be accurate for ensured ROI. As a big data analytics company, we provide robust data analytics services that help in monitoring the revenue, profitability and expenses of a company. Difficulty formulating long-term business plans? You’re looking at the right place because our services are adept in financial risk management and forecasting.

Customer Analytics

Our solutions can help you conduct customer behavior analysis and predictive modelling to empower a customer-centric marketing campaign in a very short time. Some of the other unique capabilities of our solutions include predicting customer attrition and customer churn risk management.

Assets Analytics

Ideal for the manufacturing sector, our asset analytics solutions have been extremely effective in predicting the wear and tear of pieces of machinery and sending out warning or maintenance reminders. So, you can avoid last-minute glitches when there’s a crucial delivery in the pipeline.

Data Management

Our team of data analytics experts can take care of the quality management, data governance, implementation, integration and archiving. Our solutions help in preserving your historical data, enhance security, organize, clean and filter data for further processing.

Data Migration and Integration

Migrating data during digital transformation should not be your headache when you’ve more important things to do. We ensure that you have a smooth migration as we protect your data, enhance performance, and monitor security and maintenance.

Supply Chain Analytics

Our data analytics solutions promise of end-to-end automation in the manufacturing and supply chain line. Some of the capabilities include identifying driver demands, consumer demand forecasting, predictive route optimization, and others. Inventory management and handling are added bonuses.

Solution Workflow

We adopt a very systematic process to understand the data that needs churning for your business. Be assured, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula that we implement because the requirements would be varied for varied industries. But, we do make the effort to speak to your business analyst who helps us quantify the available data. The phases that follow thereafter:


Data Curation

Once we understand the business goals, we get down to collecting relevant information from existing databases, data warehouses, and other internal and external sources. The data is then stored and maintained in a system so that they can be retrieved whenever required.


Data Scrutiny

All that’s curated might not necessarily be updated. So, there’s a rigorous process of tallying, updating and discarding information to ensure that only the relevant ones are used for decision-making purposes.


Data Analysis

Data is exploited through inspection, plotting and modelling to draw patterns and comparisons between historical and current data. This analysis also creates the foundation for further analysis.


Data Evaluation and Prediction

Expert statistical analysis is conducted by evaluation and predictive techniques to quantify the future outcomes. These are further scrutinized to find the most relevant information that could lead to a cost-effective business strategy.


Final Implementation

The outcome of the previous stage is finally implemented. Our team of experts take up full responsibility for monitoring the data exchange to overcome business challenges.

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Since you are equipped with the market demands and falls, you’d be in a better position to handle a surge. With no delivery delays, your customers rely on you for timely service and a great UX.

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Our team of experts, who could next be your dedicated resources, have extensive experience in

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