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We might just have the right customization for kotlin applications that other’s might not have; And this is the reason why you are on this page. To cut a long story short, our experienced KOTLIN developer team promises of result-oriented outcomes because of their:

Ability to ‘speak’ KOTLIN

We have been an early adopter of KOTLIN as a modern language in app development and have been able to leverage our experience in building dynamic web and mobile apps for Android, JVM, native apps and mobile browsers.

Skilled interventions

From ideation to troubleshooting, you will find certified kotlin developers handling your project queries. Their domain expertise helps them save your time and money while strictly adhering to deadlines.


Because of their in-depth knowledge in relevant libraries and frameworks, our kotlin developers for android and iOS know exactly how to handle mixed projects that need unique blends of KOTLIN with other tech stacks.

Why is Kotlin the Right Choice for You?

Open-source language but resourceful

Don’t yet judge it because it has more to offer than you’ve ever imagined. It provides a single-click tool, which helps developers convert existing Java Code.

Great for interoperability

It makes Java interoperable. It is adept in JVM and also supports JAVA Libraries.

Speeds up start-up time

Especially designed for Android app development, it is very useful for increasing the start-up time.

Great filtering option

Kotlin’s collection filtering feature helps programmers analyze what the result list should contain.

Extension function

Kotlin’s extensions can be used by developers as extensions to add methods to classes without making changes in the source code.

Makes programmer workflow easier

In other words, it has been designed by keeping programmers in mind who can start using Kotlin on a Java project without fear of over-riding the previous language.

Our Kotlin Android Application Solutions Can:

Make cost-saving applications

Kotlin empowers application development with fewer codes, which means one has to spend less time writing code and working toward understanding others’ codes.

Build application without migration

Kotlin and Java are interoperable and therefore applications can be built without the necessity of migrating to any one particular language.

Application codes are safe

Fewer codes and better readability lead to lesser errors. The Kotlin compiler we use for application development detects the remaining errors, making the codes safe, thus saving time and money in correcting them.

What Are We Great At?

Most of our expert engineers have decade-old experience in Kotlin Android, as much as Kotlin for iOS. They have been using KOTLIN to create multiplatform libraries that can easily be integrated on multiple platforms. So, here’s how we have been using it to make a difference in:

android mobile development with kotlin
Mobile application development
kotlin development for Android
Web back-end development
kotlin for Android
Library or framework
kotlin for web development
Data analysis and business intelligence
kotlin for java developers
Web front end application development
kotlin programming applications for IoT
IoT applications
Kotlin engineer using machine learning
Machine Learning applications
tools used by kotlin developers
android development with kotlin
Desktop application development

Industry Experience

All of our software engineers perform android development with Kotlin, be it for mobile, web, server-side, desktop or embedded systems development. Its flexibility has helped us achieve astounding results in the field of:

Kotlin web development for the retail sector

Retail and E-Commerce

Kotlin development for the healthcare industry


hire Kotlin programmer for the manufacturing industry


Kotlin development for the hospitality industry


Kotlin development for the finance industry


Kotlin development for the education industry


Why aQb?

Because we deliver what we promise and beyond.

ISO 27001 Certified
100% Reliability
Great Value, Excellent RoI, Competitive Cost
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