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Why Choose AngularJS?

Wish to develop a dynamic web application? AngularJS can be your best resource stack. Using Angular can eliminate code burden to a great extent, reducing the time needed to develop a web application. Since it happens in the browser, it is platform-independent and, therefore, an ideal partner for any server technology.

Additionally, it is highly scalable as it uses HTML codes to collaborate with an application. As it is using the HTML to use a collaborate with an application, it is scalable

Features of AngularJS

Easy Scripting

The framework allows developers to write client-side applications using JavaScript in a clean MVC way.

Cross Compliance

Applications written in AngularJS are cross-browser compliant and therefore is easily operational in any given ecology.

Programming Flexibility

Manipulating HTML DOM is an error-prone process. By using Angular, low-level DOM manipulation tasks are eliminated.

Improves Code Consistency

Angular’s component-based architecture ensures code consistency, improving code readability and optimizing cohesion.

Reduces Correction Cost

Developers can detect anomalies earlier in the development cycle by isolating each code piece.

What Our Custom AngularJS Solutions Can Do?

Our team of top AngularJS experts are highly trained and look through your development requirement with an objective viewpoint. So, if you are developing a website, they will see the best outcome in the shortest timeframe.

As a premier Angular development company, we have custom applications built for varied industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality and each time, our developers have created a miracle:

Creating Seamless Content Projection

Using slots, our programmers have been able to project and optimize content, optimizing the impact on the readers.

Improving The Performance of Apps

Apps work well when the troubleshooting is automated. Our AngularJS developers have been able to do that by automatically adding or removing the reflect metadata polyfill.

Improve Scalability of API Development

You name it, we have it when it comes to implementing the most robust Angular solutions. Our developers can effectively integrate, publish, deploy, document and maintain the API infrastructure.

Data-binding: Traditional templates vs AngularJS template

Unlike traditional templates, data-binding in AngularJS is bidirectional, which means the model and the view changes are automatically updated when either of them undergoes a change. This reduces interaction with the server, thus enhancing application responsiveness and performance.

Angular Developement
Angular App Developement

Our Angular Solutions Make You The Winning Partner

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Angular CLI Helps Users Take Better Decision

Users with the CLI capability can use the framework to make decisions. CLI documentation is integrated into the main docs.

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Get Customized Warnings On App Space

Our programmers use default bundle budgets and Angular to let users know if the app exceeds 2MB.

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Customized User Review Apps

Our Angular applications provide critical information to users about the actions they are interested in taking.

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Industry Experience

Our AngularJS developers are best known for their knowledge and dedication in developing industry-specific Angular applications. They have extensive experience in

Hire dedicated Angular JS developers for the retail sector

Retail and E-Commerce

Hire dedicated Angular JS developers for the healthcare industry


Hire dedicated Angular JS developers for the manufacturing industry


Hire dedicated Angular JS developers for the hospitality industry


Hire dedicated Angular JS developers for the finance industry


Hire dedicated Angular JS developers for the education industry


Why Choose aQb Solutions?

Our team of certified Angular experts have made flexible solutions, catering to business requirements of different scale and budget. We have helped our clients save costs by 75% while making their applications 2X faster. Reliability is our benchmark, when it comes to:


Building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Our Angular experts know exactly how to build a responsive one, while uncomplicating the very nature of it.


Building Enterprise Web Apps

We use Angular typescripts to build large-scale app development projects using its advanced features like refactoring, autocompletion, navigation.


Building Dynamic Applications

Our Angular programmers have in-depth knowledge of the various tools required for building single-page applications, which, in turn, help them to develop dynamic applications using the AngularJS framework.

Why Are We Our Clients’ Favourite Angular Development Company?

Because we deliver what we promise and beyond.

ISO 27001 Certified
100% Reliability
Great Value, Excellent RoI, Competitive Cost
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