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Why Choose NodeJS?

The ‘cool kid’ of the JavaScript Block, Nodejs is a powerful alternative for a backend platform that can compete with other well-established languages. This is the reason why it is being widely adopted and used by enterprises of all scales, including start-ups. Sky is the limit for them!

43% of NodeJS Programmers Used It for Enterprise Apps

That speaks a lot about the power it exhibits. In fact, it is believed that it has the capacity to even replace the most-trusted Java for good.

It Makes Scalable Network Application

As a NodeJS development company, we vouch to take a light, scalable, and cross-platform approach to execute code. It uses an event-driven I/O model which is efficient and is said to make scalable network application possible.

It is Ready for Microservices

This means NodeJS comes with a microservice-oriented architecture which is very popular among enterprises. This allows developers to split up applications into multiple, small pieces, which can be individually scaled up, developed, built, written and deployed.

It Improves the Speed of Application

Thanks to its event-driven and asynchronous nature, NodeJS applications are blazing fast. NodeJS is efficient in running multiple functions in parallel, which cuts down middleware and improves speed greatly.

NodeJS Applications Are Highly Secured

NodeJS is secured at the core, which makes applications highly secured, requiring less screening interventions from humans.

Our NodeJS Solutions Can

Can Make Lightweight Applications

Our NodeJS implementation makes lightweight, high traffic and data-intensive application. Using non-blocking, event driven I/O, NodeJS offers efficiency and remain lightweight in terms of in-memory usage to data intensive real time web applications that run in various distributed environments or devices.

Enhance Data Streaming

Unlike the traditional streaming platforms, our NodeJS implementation can analyze and respond to data even when the files are still being uploaded, making the system faster than ever.

NodeJS Applications Are Highly Productive

NodeJS programs are developed using JavaScript, which breaks down the silos between frontend and backend development. This improves the efficiency of the web development process and also improves the speed of application development.

NodeJS Applications Are Easily Maintainable

NodeJS applications are developed with a modular approach. This allows developers to leverage microservice architecture which results in smoother, easier and incremental updates. Maintenance is easy for developers because of loosely-coupled and independent services.

How is Our NodeJS Workflow Different?

Unlike traditional web techniques, websites built with NodeJS takes less space. Traditional web-serving techniques where each request starts a new thread, taking up system RAM, thus maximizing the amount of RAM availability. On the contrary, NodeJS operates on a singlethread, using non-blocking I/O calls, allowing it to support tens of thousands of concurrent connections held ina single event loop.

Why Our Clients Come Back to Us for More?

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We are cost-effective and fast

We work 5X faster at half the price than our customers. We leverage on NodeJS’s compliance with microservice architecture, which allows seamless fit into a delivery pipeline to increase the time-to-market of an app.

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Enhanced Safety (27001:2013 certified)

We work primarily with the Node Package Manager, which allows programmers to build on a given set up and not build everything from scratch. The implementation is safe and reliable. Together, they shorten the ETD, while making the website hack-free.

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We Know the Secrets Of NodeJS

From Data Streaming to Database queries, we have excelled in building robust applications that are competitive and productive.

Our NodeJS programmers can address all your programming requirements.

Industry Experience

Our NodeJS developers have extensive experience in the following industries

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Retail and E-Commerce

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