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In the current market screnario companies both large and small are extensively using AI in different parts of their business process to take decisions. Huge amount of unused information are lying around in terms of video feeds and other unstructured data with companies are currently being analyzed with the huge amount of computing power and new AI tools available to us.

In AQB Solutions our consultants and engineers have been working majorly on computer vision and natural language processing using various tools like Tensorflow and Theano on the backend with Keras as the front , Theano, Apache Spark and Kafka. Combined with an expertise in embedded devices like Raspberry Pi it provides an unique combination which can give your business with that unique edge to move to the next level.

Our engineers have extensive expertise on training models using various deep learning model architectures like Resnet 50 , Inception V3 , Xception. While training the networks from various data sources we use tranfer learning to get the best accuracy out of the information present to us.

Check out some of our recent AI Applications


Theme Park Disaster Alert and Management System

As a solution provider, we ensure that your joy rides are enjoyed and not feared.  Offering optimum security and surveillance capabilities, our artificial intelligence services include capturing unusual activities in prohibited areas, triggering alarm systems alerting security officials during danger at sight. Some of the key features include:

  1. Monitoring suspected trespassing
  2. Surveillance of unauthorized activities
  3. Providing VIP protection
  4. Criminal records and triggering alarms based on that

Technologies that have helped us in achieving our goals are:

  1. Tensorflow, Keras
  2. Resnet 50
  3. Amazon Cloub based servers, RDS
Theme Park Pic
Legal Analytics Pic


Legal Analytics

This business solution uses natural language processing (NLP) in combination with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to screen court documents and predict the winner of the case. The solution also uses electronic court records to ensure that the predictive analysis is accurate, helping lawyers get a positive momentum during court cases. Key features of this solution are:

  1. Predict Winners based on previous history of cases
  2. Analytics on specific case type, lawyers and law firms
  3. Automatically digitize court documents
  4. Keep a record of court proceedings

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