Redefined Data Management Transform Clinical Trials

Creating Smooth Operations for the ‘Trial Master’

Clinical Trials are multi-layered and cumbersome. Agreed! But is there a definitive way to streamline operations? Our client found it in the affirmative when it came across aQb Solutions.

When it approached us to make its products easily traceable in the supply chain, we knew what to do for a solution. What we observed was the company had all the latest equipment in place, but were unable to function optimally because of lack of data inventory management.

A Milestone at a Time

Secure data management for pharma supply chain

Since our client already had top-class equipment in place, we just needed to add value to them. For instance, we designed a mobile-edge supply chain management suite exclusively for them to help with data management throughout the supply chain process as well as keep track of the delivery timeline. So, that sorted two of their major challenges- delivery delays and inventory management.

But was that enough? Perhaps not.

‘Screening’ the Problems Away

The challenges that our client was facing was multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. Simply put, these challenges evoked a chain of reactions through the supply chain. For instance, delays in delivery led to negative customer response, which, that in turn jeopardized the brand image. Lack of inventory management led to piling stock at the warehouse, which often reached their expiry. They were forced to be either destroyed or discarded in the medical landfill, costing the company billions.

Now, how did we solve that? It became easier with our extensive experience in traceability, which translated into designing an AR-enabled multiscanner exclusively for our client. Unlike single scanners, multiscanners helped in insta-verification, recording the data while sorting volumes of consignments, all within a span of hours. Imagine an operation in place, which streamlines the supply chain functionality while creating a data reservoir for later use. Inventory management became faster and organized, reducing the overall charges that were required for stretched timelines and piling stock

Stock Inventories Sorted

The data inventory that we promised was centralized, meaning every stakeholder of the supply chain knows where a product is. This is particularly useful for the clinical trial sector of the healthcare industry, which is time and quality bound.

A small mistake in warehouse management can make the warehouse managers pay hefty penalties. Sending out the right stock before they reach expiry and handling them the right way, depending on their composition-all are indicators of an effective healthcare supply chain. While AR-enabled multiscanners and the traceability suite won the match points, we also ensured that the client left the minimum carbon footprint (read the medical landfills).

VRS-ready, Another Feather in the Hat

There was more to the customized traceability solution we offered. We cannot stop boasting of the experience we already have acquired in making supply chain stakeholders VRS-compliant; Our customized solutions were the key to it.

For over a decade now, our customers have time and again testified about the efficacy of the applications and the related software we have been providing in making processes VRS-friendly.

As already discussed, the scanner-portal duo we developed did the job pretty well and fast. Our client had literally no issues in transiting from their present system to the one we proposed with the API-first design. Backed by the advanced and flexible framework, it was just a matter of minutes till they were completely inducted into the new system.

So, what did the company gain from the reformations?

The Last Words

We know that we did a commendable job and our client would agree, with its machines functioning optimally and delivery timelines met.

Within months of implementation, there was a visible degree of productivity among employees, who previously spent hours together in scanning alone. They were now engaged in other more important jobs in the supply chain. To top it all, the client saved millions as screening, sorting and delivery was just a matter of minutes now. No delays or unnecessary returns!

A business is governed by its clients and we can tell our client is glad to be in our network. As far as we are concerned, we enjoyed taking up another unique challenge and resolve it within time.

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