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The advent of digital transformation solutions is adding a new paradigm to Enterprise operations. Enterprise Mobility is fast becoming an essential strategic requirement due to the potential business benefits that come with it, which include:

  • Improved customer service
  • Better field productivity and responsiveness
  • Reduced cost of delivery
  • Shortened process cycles

aQb Solutions optimizes the practical usage of digital transformation solutions to simplify operations and achieve the above-mentioned goals. We have sharpened our years of experience in IT transformation and mobility, partnering with highly qualified Enterprise platform implementers to overcome automation challenges in a business process.

Enterprise Mobility for SAP SD and SAP MM

When our partner, a tier-1 SAP Implementer wanted to provide mobility to their clients, aQb Solutions was a natural choice for them as a solution provider supporting to transform digitally. The requirement was to incorporate workflows of the SAP SD and SAP MM module in both iOS and Android platform. aQb Solutions planned an intuitive interface design to expose the features to the Mobile platform. For SAP SD, it was able to map all real-time data about the location of their orders. The user experience of our digital transformation services was seamless, offering:

  • Customers with an option to open orders and check their delivery status
  • Customers with a tracking facility using real-time GPS tracking system
  • Automated invoice generation from the orders


With our digital transformation services, customer experience is guided by automation and business strategy that includes:

  • Real-time tracking of all purchase orders and purchase requisition assigned to them
  • Automated acceptance and rejection of PO and PR from within the app
  • Offline functionality, which enabled users to browse data even without internet connection.
  • Securing separate logins for offline and online functionalities

Netsuite Mobile CRM

When a “Netsuite 5-Star Partner Award” winner organization planned to provide additional digital transformation services, beyond the existing capability, they wanted to partner with aQb Solutions for business consulting in user-experience strategy.

The required solution was not just to expose the existing functionality of the CRM to mobile applications, but to create a separate platform altogether from where customized solutions could be provided to their customers as per their requirement.

aQb Solutions developed a middle-tier in Java Spring MVC between the Netsuite and the mobile application to have complete control of the feature console that our client was offering. The mobile app for both iOS and Android was one of its kind, gauging the field settings in the middle tier to understand the requirements of the client, and respond accordingly.

The app provided following NetSuite functionality:

  • Managing business relationship by creating lead, prospect and customer
  • Managing transaction by creating opportunity, generate quotes and create orders
  • Accessing item records from NetSuite and add them to an order
  • Viewing case records, exchange messages with customer and edit the case details
  • Viewing historical timesheets and enter new timesheet
  • Entering itemized expense reports
  • Enhancing the visibility of each fields by controlling the parent features using the Java Spring middle tier.

Digital Transformation Solutions that Stand Us Apart


Food Delivery App for iPhone and Android

This app helps in using the digital transformation technology to map the journey of a food ordered in the app. Customers can check how far their food has reached, the pricing and the delivery partner details.  It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.


World Cup 2014 Match Reminder

Football is an all-time favourite and we cannot let you miss it! This Android app-FIFA World Cup 2014 Match Reminder- lets you set a reminder beforehand so that you can plan your day to make time for the world’s favourite.


Mobile CRM Application – Netsuite Enterprise

It is a Mobile CRM Application that provides instant access to NetSuite CRM data on Android and iPhone.


Hotel Industry Mobile Application – Bellby

An instant messaging hotel industry mobile application that ensures optimum UX. Based on XMPP protocol chatting is real-time, at par with existing chat application in the market, this interface helps in recording and mapping details that can help in the smooth functioning of a hotel.

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