Time and again Entrepreneurs around the world have entrusted aQb Solutions whenever they came up with an idea which had potential to change peoples life. But this trust was hard earned. The team at aQb took challenges on it’s strides and came off successful every time. It was the diligence and never say die attitude of the team that people around the world liked and kept coming back with new ideas.

When a California based startup dreamt of developing Instant Remote Health Monitoring platform it had only a rough idea of the things to come. aQb Solutions team took the challenge and kept exploring the idea to give it a shape. The web platform was built on MVC framework and the initial version of the Mobile App was built in the iOS native platform. It took more than a year with numerous customer interactions and end user feedback to formalize the product. The Android version was introduced. Many features were unique. Multi window video conferencing feature was integrated to the platform. Many health monitoring devices with embedded systems were integrated to both Mobile and Desktop Browsers. Controlling the app remotely to pair with multiple Bluetooth and Embedded devices and measuring the vital data was one of a kind feature.

Austin, Texas based large Real Estate analysis provider, having a portfolio of 6 Mobile apps built in iOS and Android native platform and having commercial user base of over 1500 agents for each app was having trouble with the way their current portfolio of Mobile apps and Websites were updated and maintained. They were looking for a dynamic team who will not only be able to support the challenging future upgrades they were planning but also add value to their applications. When they contacted aQb Solutions, it was big task to quickly understand the present implementation in Objective C and Java (iOS/Android) and revert. aQb Solutions took up the challenge and gradually converted the present system to a easily maintainable product with superior UI/UX, superior frameworks, modular and flexible architecture. Future changes could be adapted very fast and brought about high level of satisfaction among end users.

Be it developing real time customized chatting platform in Native Mobile and Web for Hospitality industry to Online Interview taking platform for a Education startup, aQb Solutions team have always welcomed difficult challenges. aQb recognized brilliant ideas and unleashed solutions which often resulted in multi million dollar early stage funding. Working in novel technology and products is the motto of aQb Solutions and is the primary purpose of existence.

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